Inside Furnarchy


Furnarchy is a modular game add-on that focuses on user customization.

Furnarchy was originally developed by someone who went by the online moniker of “Cluracan”. Ownership of the project was transferred to us in 2009, and when we started our business in 2010, it just made sense to make this one of our free offerings.

You can learn more about the project here; the official website for Furnarchy has more details for the use of the software, as well as different ways to develop “modules” for it.


Furnarchy script and module developers praise the embedded nature of the program as it allows for features that seamlessly extend the functionality of the Furcadia client. Its modular and open architecture encourages rapid deployment of features that may not be practical to implement into programs that extend the functionality of Furcadia using other methods.


Furnarchy is no longer a priority project, but it does still get occasional updates and upgrades, including new modules and scripts. The interface is user-customizable, with an entire subset of the community focused on making new, or interesting looking “skins” for the interface. Much like the game it extends, Furnarchy’s core idea is allowing users to have as much control over their experience as possible.