Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What license do you release your software under?
    • We try to release all of our software under the MIT license. Some software might have a different license when we release it, but most of our software should fall under the MIT license.
  2. Do you Open Source all of the software you work on?
    • No. Some software that we develop is under contract, and they dictate the terms. Additionally, some of our personal software is held in reserve because we’re either not ready to release it yet, or we believe there is some commercial value to the software remaining closed-source.
  3. What languages do you develop in.
    • Our primary focus is in web development, so we use languages like C#, JavaScript, HTML, and PHP. But asking about languages is a little basic. We also use jQuery, jQueryUI, and Bootstrap for the visual elements of the site. In the C# arena, we’re familiar with desktop apps and web-apps. (MVC 5 and ASP.NET Web Forms, specifically.)
  4. Do you do unit testing?
    • Unit testing is a great idea. It is definitely on our road map for future projects. It is not something that we’ve dived into yet, though. We are also leery of releasing unit-testing “Open Source” because unit testing is not ubiquitous and not all developers are familiar with its principles.
  5. Do you do any tutorial work?
    • We do not currently offer any tutorials, but that might change in the future. There’s a lot that goes into teaching someone how to do something; and teaching is not a strong suit for many individuals. There are some ideas up on our idea board for sharing the methodology behind writing specific sections of code, but it is unlikely that tutorials will every be a staple of Qiwi Trails.