Inside Epub Metadata Reader

The Epub Metadata Reader is designed to help you read the data from within an Epub file.

This Project exists for the sole purpose of getting detailed information out of an epub formatted file quickly. As you may know, Eupbs are nothing more than renamed zip files. They have inside them one or more OPF (that’s Open Packaging Format) files that detail how an Epub should be handled. This library opens the Epub and grabs the data from those opf files, inserting them into appropriate objects for other applications to use.
Currently the Epub Metadata Reader only supports Epub File Format 2.0, but version 3.0 will be coming soon. (Even though it doesn’t fully support 3.0, it can be used to get some basic information out of Epub 3.0 files)

Currently, the Library supports the following portions of OPF Metadata file:

  • Guide
  • Manifest
  • Metadata
  • Package
  • Spine

There is also a Book object that holds all of the associated metadata for a given book.

A library function exists for storing multiple books at once.

You can get the package on NuGet, or you can download the source from GitHub.