The Deck Of Many Things

Deck of Many Things

RPG players who have been around the table for any period of time know about the danger and allure of the Deck of Many Things.

The Deck of Many Things is a powerful, dangerous artifact intended to lure and entice the greedy players into biting off more than they can chew. We’ve taken the deck and put it into a simple, easy-to-use application. One of the best features of this application is that you can add in your own deck of cards, or substitute your own deck in, if you’re looking for other random deck-based effects. You just need to make sure the SQLite database has the following fields:

Deck of Many Things

CardID – The ID# of the card. Used for pulling a card directly out of the deck.

Name – The name of the card. This also doubles as the name of the file used to display the card’s image. (Name.jpg)

summary – The summary of what the card does. Limit this to about 50 characters or less.

description – A full description of what the card does.

You can download the source files here, and if you’d like to use the application, you can grab the installer here: