Qiwi Trails Hosting is dedicated to providing good software to our clients. Part of providing good software involves being a good steward of software development is learning from your peers. That requires open collaboration, feedback, and sharing of ideas. To that end, we’ve begun releasing some of our personally designed software as Open Source projects. We hope that they will be useful to people who are interested in collaboration, and we look forward to sharing more of our creations in the future.


Our normal release path will be to publish whatever we are working on to GitHub. There may be incidents where we publish elsewhere. We also intend to offer zipped packages that are “ready to go” for use in projects. (For those who don’t want to compile the software themselves.) There may be exceptions to this – if we produce something Open Source for a client, we will follow their release guidelines instead of our own.


Unless otherwise stated in the project, (there will be a license file with all of our projects) we intend to use the MIT license. We feel that this license offers the most flexibility for other users to develop using our software, but also retains our rights for the copyright of our code. Again, this could change for various client projects, or certain other Open Source projects, as the need arises.