Why Open Source?

A lot of businesses shy away from Open Source software to protect their intellectual property. We completely understand that, and not all of the software we develop is Open Source. We also believe in giving back - there isn't a developer alive that doesn't practice the art of "Googling" an answer. We're guilty of that ourselves. This is our way of giving something back.

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Qiwi Trails Hosting

About Qiwi Trails

A Web Hosting and Consulting Company

Qiwi Trails Hosting is a small business that runs on the web. We've been working for years to build a good web hosting platform with great software.

This blog focuses on our efforts to bring more software to the Open Source world. We want to foster community and help grow the online developer landscape, and this is just one of the ways we can do that.

As much as we want to share what we know, we are also interested in learning. Working with other people is the fastest way to share knowledge. Digging into something is the fastest way to gain understanding. Continuous improvement is important to us; this is just one of our methods to accomplish that goal.